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  • Of Wand and Earth, 7229 US Hwy 25/70, Marshall, NC

  • West Village Market, 771 Haywood Rd, W Asheville, NC

  • CranioSacral Therapy Asheville,138 Charlotte St, Ste 200B,Asheville, NC

  • The author: 55 Maple St, W Asheville, NC

    Or Order Online:

      Terry Gillis is just a normal guy innocently minding his own fishing business. No way can he wrap his mind around the fact that he's been chosen as the subject — or is he the victim? — of a risky experiment by a quirky team of spirit guides. The guides are attempting to strip him of his outdated personality, in order to bump him up to a more expansive state of consciousness. Although Terry’s plight is at times hilarious, his eventual metamorphosis is not all fun and games. On the path of transformation, destiny might best be courted gently, and not treated as a speed date.

About the Authors

     Mooslie Wiggins is an employee of the Creative Works Unit of Interdimensional Soul Works, Inc. Being part of a group mind whose members are without physical form or personal identity, Mooslie is assisted by LJ Swanson, who does have a body, teaches others about bodies, and has previously published several works of short fiction.

     LuviaJane Swanson has recently relocated to Asheville, NC, where she has achieved marginal success at adjusting to winter after more than a decade of residence in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. She likes trees and rivers, and sometimes she write stories.

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