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Interdimensional SoulWorks, Inc...
       Right then, let's start with the elephant in the room. Is this some kind of joke or is it supposed to be real?
      — Sorry, but we can't say, exactly.
       OK, how about the co-authorship of Speed Date with Destiny? LJ Swanson is an actual human being, right? So, is the book supposed to be some kind of channeled material from an entity called Mooslie Wiggins?
      — We really can't say, although our gentle reminder that Speed Date is a novel was interrupted by a loud guffaw from Mooslie himself, who considers this sort of distinction hilarious.
      Well, who IS Mooslie Wiggins?
      —We are truly sorry, but we can't say.
What we can say:
       We at ISWI are as real—or not—as your imagination allows. Kind of like the deal with Tinkerbell and her lot. In our opinion, this is not so unlike your own—or anybody else's—realness, when observed from outside the bounds of your own storyline.
Welcome to ours.
  • Bouffant Head 

  • Diamond Hoops 

  • Mooslie Wiggins 

  • (honorary CW) LuviaJane Swanson 

  • (honorary CW) Bruce Swanson


  Corporate Structure
















Methods Division


Creative Works Unit

“Departments here at Interdimensional Soul Works are arranged in a trinity,” recites Mabel, with intern Bulista in tow. First we have Management, then there is the Creative Works Unit, and finally...” Mabel’s light flares wide to encompass the surrounding expanse, “our very own Methods Division.”  A sugary fragrance erupts as Mabel marvels, “Why, Methods itself is a trinity: lightworkers in our department occupy three distinct positions! 

          The techno-conductors over there,” she gestures, “are upper level spirit guides who design operational programming for individual human lifestreams. They pretty much keep to themselves.” Mabel’s voice drops to a whisper. “Snarrow and I suspect that the technies collaborate quite freely with our Creative Works Unit, although neither party would admit to it. All of them can be exasperating, really.”

             —from Speed Date with Destiny

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